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Arizona is among the states with some of the highest population of subterranean termites. So much so that we have a special saying. “There are two types of houses, one that has termites and one that will get them.” Termites can be very destructive over time and are one of Arizona’s top urban pests. Termites enter your home through foundation cracks and by traveling up the stem wall of the home’s foundation. Subterranean Termites live in the soil and require moisture to survive. To keep moist while traveling to food sources they create “mud tubes” to enter your home. A termite’s food source is any wood product (i.e. wood studs, book shelves, picture frames, drywall paper, and much more). Most homeowners won’t know that they have termites until mud tubes appear from a wall or ceiling. At this point the termites have caused some damage.
At Desert Castle, our members are fully trained and state certified to identify and treat for all types of Arizona termites. We have multiple treatment plans customized to fit your needs. When we come to your home to inspect for termites, our goal is to provide you with quality information and treatment options. We will never hard sell any of our potential clients. We strive for our clients to have comfort in our staff and complete satisfaction in our service

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